Thursday, March 26, 2009

When people try to be funny and are clearly not

Dear readers,
my, my, my, what a technological world we live in. TV, computers, blogs and vlogs. But are we taking this technological world for granted by thinking that blogs and vlogs give us the right to be funny, when some of us are CLEARLY not? Obviously, I have been thinking about this question for all of 47 seconds after reading my sisters blog (something about Beyonce, afros and something that made her laugh albeit no one else.)
Now, I can clearly admit that I lack in the humour department what the girls from the Hills lack in the good-at-acting department (uhhh, everything), but what will people think after they read my sisters blog and relate us? They will say "oh thats domfoolerys sister, theymustbethesameNOT FUNNY." Oh please. You can choose your friends but not your family right? Does this statement make sense? namely, yes. Does it make me depressed and causes my anxiety? namely, yes. Does it make me want to drown in a pool of my own spit, and probably tears, after I have to listen to my sister singing 'love story?'(or anything for that matter). YES. YES YES YES. So if you know your not funny, and want to be, take these tips and make them your bffl:

1.Dont be funny.
2.Dont write a blog that is trying to be funny
3.Dont do anything that you think is funny
4.Dont dance. especially if your not trying to be funny.
5.Dont do anything
6.Maybe you should just sit in your room naked and cry. Or draw. As long as it doesn't include something you think is funny, its a plus.

So, now, as I sit in my room, naked, drawing a picture of the girl from the exorcist, I want you to reflect on your blogs and ask yourself, "Is being funny going to make people like me?"
Oh, it will.
So I guess you're screwed.

Tally-ho for now mes amis,
Domfoolery xxxxx

P.S. I dont like to name names, but my sisters name is Gabby and I encourage you to abuse her on her blog (

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